K&L Ready Mix

Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

Specialty Concrete

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K&L Ready Mix can use concrete to meet almost any specification. Our mixes have been used on state bridges, interstates and roads. Mix designs have been drawn up for placement in both subzero freezers to extremely hot furnaces used to heat and stretch metal sheeting.

K&L concrete has stood the test of time and these extreme conditions and is still maintaining its strength, in some places over 20 years! We are trusted to help build infrastructure and manufacturing to withstand the most vigorous elements. Both of these are tough stipulations our competitors neither can or care to boast as something they can be proud of being involved with. So no matter the job, ask one of our batch-men to find a mix best for your job. 

Safety Notice

safety-disclaimerSafety is always a priority for us at K&L Ready Mix.  It is important to follow all safety guidelines and exercise caution when handling fresh concrete. Please click on our Safety Notice to the left to enlarge.